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Director Deployment:

To set up Director and Analytics, I have to set the north and southbound interfaces.

  1. the northbound interface is eth0, the southbound interface is eth1.

I manage the devices from the northbound interface. Also, Director has access to the controller and analytics from the northbound interface to manage. The southbound interface is used to control the sd-wan network. The controller's vni0 is eth1. The following figure shows that.

After defining the IP addresses of the devices, I will install the devices according to the following topology.

Firstly I have to install Director. I run the image on a suitable platform(VMware, simulation tool, etc..), after downloading the valid image from the versa software center.

Director default credential;



After entering the username and password, the following screen comes up. Director version is 21.1

Now I will configure the hostname and network interfaces.

Network interface configuration;

We don't need the HA configuration for now, but I need to configure the director to work properly.

I am continuing to installation,

The services are being restarted.

Let's connect via ssh to Director and check the directory's services and network interfaces.

If you encounter a problem while configuring, you can reinstall with the following script

admin@Director01:~$cd /opt/versa/vnms/scripts

Here is the web connection,

You will be prompted to change the password at first login.

Thanks for Reading.

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