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Analytics Deployment;

Analytic is a log collector. it collects logs from appliances and interprets them. Also, it provides lots of information about networks and security.

This information;

  • Traffic and application analysis,

  • Network, security analysis

  • Behavior anomaly detection

Also, it allows us to troubleshoot and determine the source of problems in the network.

I will install the Analytics according to the following topology.

Step 1: Assign IP address on northbound and southbound interfaces from CLI

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Step 2: Configure a static route on Analytics and ensure reachability to It is the eth1 IP address of Controller

Step 3: Configure hostname in both Versa Director and Analytics

The northbound IP address of the Director is

The northbound IP address of Analytics is

Step 4: As I changed the hostname of Versa Director during the setup step, I have to generate a new self-signed certificate and register that certificate to the Versa Analytics certificate store. My director hostname; Director01

cd  /opt/versa/vnms/scripts/
sudo -u versa ./ --cn Director01 --overwrite --storepass versa123

Step 5: Restart the versa director services;

vsh restart

Step 6: I define the analytics information to Director

Step 7: Copy and install the certificate to the analytics node on Director

sudo -u versa ./ --sync

Director pushes the certificate to analytics. I see the certificate is installed.

Step 8: Check the certificate on Analytics;

and I see all certificates on Analytics.

Step 9: Verify certificates on both director and analytics are correct. I check Director value and Remote value, both values are the same.

cd /opt/versa/vnms/scripts/
sudo -u versa ./ -verify

Step 10: Configure Versa Analytics setup on Analytics:

sudo /opt/versa/scripts/van-scripts/

I see the van setup is completed.

Step 11: open GUI This IP address is the northbound IP of Analytics

Username :admin


Step 12: Add the Hostname of Versa Director

After Registering, we will be able to access Analytics, directly from Director Tab

Check the configuration on the Analytics collector, there is no configuration on Analytics.

set log-collector-exporter local collectors analytics address port 1234 transport tcpstorage directory /var/tmp/log format syslog

commit and check configuration ;

Thanks for Reading.

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Sp Wifi
Sp Wifi
Oct 06, 2021

Hello, first of all thank you very much for sharing all this information, it is very interesting.

Was this error resolved?

Replying to

Thanks SP Wifi. I guess this issue can be related to the version. in my opinion, try another version if you use 21.1.2.


Uldis Dzerkals
Uldis Dzerkals
Apr 02, 2021

I did your steps seems 5 times, but Analytics still is not working on Director Tab.

It shows such error, and no idea where is mistake. Maybe Somewhere need tweak username/password on Director for Analyzer?

When used Versa 16, I could set use port 80 for Connectors/Analyzer Cluster. And it worked fine.

But on new Versa 21, sadly it is not ok with port 8443 or 443.

Certificates are synced with Director, as well Director is joined to Analyzer, Authentication/Admin/Directors.

Itself Analyzer collect info and shows all ok, but I must log in Analyzer web gui.

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