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IPsec Vpn Between Versa and Cisco Asa

I will configure my setup according to the following topology.

Asa configuration;

To configure IPsec VPN on ASA is very simple with the wizard. in my opinion, you must use the wizard.

Versa Configuration;

I have prepared the template for DIA( Direct Internet Access) earlier. I will use this template for Branch4. After stating Our setup will be ready to configure.

Creating Policy on Versa;

I need to write a policy to permit the remote side.


When we check the tunnel on Asa, you will see that phase1 and phase2 are completed.

Also if you check the versa side you will see the same result.

When I check it through the Director

if you have a problem with your configuration, you can check this link about s2s IPsec VPN errors.

Thanks for Reading.

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