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Installing CA certificate on ACS

Installing a certificate on ACS is critical to 802.1x authentication. If we do not install the certificate, we will get the following error when the client tries to authenticate.

11514 Unexpectedly received empty TLS message; treating as a rejection by the client 

1-) Firstly download the certificate from the CA server. Download CA certificate>>Base 64

2-)This downloaded certificate is added to the ACS from the section below. The trust box is checked

The attached shape is as follows.

Then go to System Administrator section >>local certificates section, continue by clicking add

we create an outstanding approval by marking Generate Certificate Signing Request section.

It is created by writing the necessary parameters.



The certificate we created here falls into the Outstanding section. Then we export it and open it in notepad and generate a certificate according to this certificate from the certificate server. Click on Request Certificate, Advanced certificate request, Submit a certificate request by Using a base 64 …….

by pasting the certificate information we opened with notepad into this section, select web-server, and click the submit

Then the certificate is downloaded by selecting Base 64 in the tab. Then add the certificate we got from here on ACS and continue by selecting Bind CA Signed Certificate. Then the certificate that we produce in CA is added here and EAP and Management GUI is selected and Finished

Thus, we uploaded the CA-certified certificate to ACS.

I hope that will be useful...

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