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Freely Monitor The Network With The Cacti

Nowadays, there are many tools to monitor freely the network in the market. But the companies want lots of money to do this job and they lately have converted the license base payment. If you want to monitor the application, you have to buy an app-monitor license, etc...

If you wonder about free tools, I suggest the Cacti Monitor Tool. If you look at the Price/Performance, in my opinion, the Cacti can be chosen. But it takes some effort :)

I installed the Cacti 1.1.25 Win version on Win-Server to try. But, I can't advise you to install the Windows version because there are not enough documentation resources. I faced many problems after installing the Cacti. If you want to try the Cacti Windows version you can download this link.

After downloading the 1.1.25 version, to install, click next next :)

Cacti Dashboard

Our company's network inventory consists of Cisco Router/Switch and Fortigate Fw. Also, Cacti supports many vendors not only Cisco and Fortigate. If you import the proper device template that is downloaded from the Cacti website you can add the device to Cacti.

Available Device Templates in Cacti:

Devices Templates

Sometimes, although we configure the timezone from GUI, it does not affect the timestamps of the logs. Therefore the logs will be inaccurate. To fix this issue, we have to change the timezone in the php.ini file. If you use the Windows version you will find the php.ini file under C:\PHP

Cacti php.ini under the windows

; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions
;date.timezone =

Other Problems on the Windows;

Cacti error under the windows

When you see these warnings you have to look at my .ini under C:\ProgramData\MariaDB\data

Cacti Marian database my.ini under the Windows

After you overcome these problems you will start to take the right graph from the Cacti.

cacti graphs

Thanks for Reading.


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